Tree Surgery and Garden Services

Roker Tree Services offer garden maintenance, tree surgery and other garden services
Roker Tree Services offer a variety of garden services, including garden clearance and hedge trimming.

Roker Tree Services operate throughout Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire. As well as our tree surgery work, we also help with other garden maintenance and clearance, and other garden services.

Our procedure is simple. Firstly we will obtain your query regarding your trees. After this you will be greeted on site by Daniel Roker. Daniel will then discuss your options offering you the best advice for your garden or site, depending on whether your tree is covered by a TPO (tree preservation order) or CA (conservation area). If they are not it is normally OK to go ahead with work unless you’re close to a public highway, in which case we would need to speak to your local authority to let them know what’s to go ahead.

If your trees are covered by TPO or in a CA we will have to speak to your local council and apply for work to be carried out. In turn they will send there own arboriculturist to grant what work should be carried out. This is a long process and can take up to six weeks.

What is tree surgery?

There are many aspects of tree surgery and here they are:

Crown reduction:
A process we use to reduce the overall size of the crown, calculated in percentages, reducing the sail area and releasing weight and tension. The tree is evenly pruned all over. All branches are pruned back to substantial growth points conforming to (BS3998). This helps promote growth and ensure the tree is healthy.

Crown lift:
Calculated in meters, to remove only lower branches to lift the entire canopy. Normally for pedestrian or highway clearance.

Chainsaw art made from surplus wood, we have various wood available for woodcarvers and also for firewood.
Chainsaw art made from surplus wood

Crown thinning:
Selective pruning, Selected branches are removed to allow air and light to pass through the tree, the shape of the tree is as it was but will appear less dense on the eye. Calculated in percentages.

Crown cleaning:
In a crown clean process we will remove all dead wood, hanging branches, hazard beams, crossing branches, ensuring a safe tree.

Ivy severance:
A two foot band cut at the base of the tree in order to kill off climbing ivy above.

Pollarding is a process that is to remove all branches, limbs leaving only the trunk, for regeneration, only some trees respond to this, typically used methods occur in big cities to reduce the tree to nothing for regeneration and keep size to a minimum.

To remove the whole tree leaving only a stump just above ground level.

Stump grinding:
Large hydraulic machines that have a circular cutting wheel with sharp teeth that cut into the ground to remove the stump bowl, these machines do not chase all roots out. Remaining roots are subject to die off.

Firewood and woodchip:
We also offer firewood for sale in 5kg bags, bulk bags and by the truck load. As well as wood and logs for woodcarvers to create chainsaw art and chainsaw sculptures.

As well as these services, Roker Tree Services offer other garden services such as hedge trimming and the clearing of shrubs and other garden maintenance.

We also offer an emergency call-out service, should you require our services to deal with a tree damaged in bad weather or in an accident.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.